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Playoffs Day 3: The Warrior’s disappearing act and the 51-Point Quarter 76ers

Day 3 of the playoffs: Ben Simmons had a monster triple double, the 76ers had one of the biggest playoff quarters of all time but Will Embiid stay healthy? Also the Warriors blew a 31 point lead... HOW?

Another big day in Playoff basketball as we give you a summary of all the action of Day 3.

The 76ers finally won a game with a Playoff record tying 51-point quarter (even with a limited Embiid) and the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead, sorry 31-point lead, against the Clippers.

Brooklyn Nets (1-1) v Philadelphia 76ers (1-1): 123-145

Photo by AFP

This is why no one should worry about Game one. The 76ers bounced back nicely from their first game upset and cruised to a win against Brooklyn.

This game saw the second record set these playoffs (shout-out to 3-point leader Steph Curry). The 76ers tied an 57year record (held by the Lakers in 1962) for the most points in a playoff quarter with a massive 51 points in their third quarter.

Ben Simmons had a triple double, Mike Scott was 5-7 from the field and everyone’s favourite player Boban had a phenomenal game, in the first half he truly was a revelation. Everyone for the 76ers played relatively well (at least in the second half).

The 76ers finally silenced the haters… at least for now.

The only worry for the team after this game was the restricted nature of their biggest superstar: Embiid. Embiid only played 21 minutes and while he was 8-12, he did not look healthy. He was hobbling throughout most the game and as he said: It only hurts when he cuts or jumps…. If Embiid is rested for this series, 76ers should still win but this could be a real worry. Will his knee actually hold up, I would personally ask Mr Brett Brown to rest him for at least game 3 or 4, they will need a healthy Embiid if they want to make any type of deep playoff run.

On the other hand, Brooklyn crumbled in this game. Spencer Dinwiddie had a great game and D’Angelo Russell was fine, but the rest of the team shot pretty poorly (not from three though, with a huge 42%). They played well in the first half but halfway through the second they just fell apart, their starters (Russell included) had a terrible game, their defence was off, and their offence was even worse (excluding Jarrett Allen) they were 12/34, a miserable 35%.

The nets need D’Angelo Russell to go back to his All-Star ways if they have any chance of winning this series.

Next game @ 76ers: Friday (19/4) at 10am AEST

Los Angeles Clippers (1-1) v Golden State Warriors (1-1): 135-131

Photo from – Clippers Digital

I watched this game and I was both shocked and appalled by the outcome. All I can say is: I admit it, I was wrong. The Clippers will win a game. I still can’t believe that it actually happened.

The Warriors blew a 31 point lead.

Kevin Durant got fouled out.

Doc Rivers dropped $2000 and was given it back by a really nice stranger.

Oh and DeMarcus Cousins got injured and is likely out for the rest of the playoffs.

This game was all types of excitement. DeMarcus (may he have a speedy recovery) was injured four minutes into the game and suffered a quad injury, with more details to be confirmed after his MRI tomorrow. It does not look good.

This game was just a big old see-saw. The first half of this game the Warriors were cruising. They put up 73 points to 50, Steph was lights out, the bench was actually contributing. All looked well.

Then the see-saw tipped and half way through the third quarter, to quote Steve Kerr: the Warriors “stopped playing”. There was no defence and the offence was pretty bad. They gave up. Just ask Kevin Durant who managed to draw three offensive fouls to be fouled out of the game, they were not playing championship level basketball in the second half (Obviously).

 Quick side note: I still love Beverly gaurding Durant. He may be the most exciting defender to watch in the NBA (don’t quote me on that), but really Beverly should shut down Curry to be even more effective.

But lets give credit where credit is due: the mighty Clippers. I love Lou Williams, I always have. I love Doc Rivers, ever since he left the Celtics. I love Montrez Harrell so much it hurts.

Harrell and Williams encapsulate the Clippers team. They play with grit, energy and know their role down to a T. Williams had 36 points and 11 assists, Harrell was perfect with 9-9 with 25 points and 10 boards. The Clippers team dropped 44 points in the third and 41 in the fourth to make one of the best comebacks in playoff history. Hell even Patrick Beverly had a postiive +/-!

The Clippers will likely lose the next three games, their starters (bar Gallinari) are still defence first and not offensively scary BUT this was a huge win and well deserved for a coaching favourite in Doc Rivers.

Even with Boogie injured, I think the Warriors will take a look hard look at themselves, realise they still have four all stars and two of the best players in the game and will win this series in 5. Either way, this series just got interesting…

Next Game: Tuesday (4/19) at 12:30pm AEST

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