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Playoffs Day 22: Houston are back!

For the second straight day we got an overtime game. Harden buried the Golden State Warriors as Steph Curry missed an open layup. This game had it all!

For the second straight day we got an overtime game. Harden buried the Golden State Warriors as Steph Curry missed an open layup. This game had it all!

Golden State Warriors (2-1) v Houston Rockets (1-2): 121-126 F/OT

Houston needed to win this game to keep the series alive.

 Sure, mathematically this wasn’t the end for them but a win at home would give them a chance of fighting back and was necessary for morale.

It took an entire overtime, but the Rockets did it and now the series is more or less up for grabs.

So it’s the end of overtime…Harden steps up and hits a three to give the Rockets a five-point lead and then Curry has a wide open lay ups and gets rejected by the rim.

I hate to say it, but I am not surprised.

Steph Curry is officially missing, please ask your friends and family to locate him. While you’re at it, if they find the real Klay Thompson too that would be great.

Curry was 7-23 this game and 2-9 from Three. He is shooting at least 10% under his season averages this series and more or less been a non-factor. The only reason the Dubs are still in this series is because of Kevin Durant, because I hate to tell you Klay Thompson is not doing much better. He was 6-16 and 2-6 from three. They both played awful.

When you have a bench that scores seven, you need your superstars to step up.

Kevin Durant was unstoppable including a few stints where he took over the game and shot 14-31 with 46 points to go along with six assists. He is still ruining everyone and doing so with ease.

Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala continued playing well with Green notching an efficient triple double and Iggy getting three blocks and scoring 16 points from 6-9.

The issue is the slash brothers (or brick brothers at the moment). They need to step up. They go cold and then they bring winter to the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, Houston were lucky to get away with a win. They never really looked comfortable and even with a huge game from Harden (14-32 with 41 points), Eric Gordon was the only real other offensive contributor (11-20 and 30 points, although mostly scored in the first half). The Rockets defence has been great, and PJ Tucker is to thank for that. Austin Rivers had yet another efficient night and has been their solid sixth man.

I still think Houston do not have the man power to defeat the warriors, especially with over time games and heavy minutes from Chris Paul, but I am damn glad they won today.

Now the series really begins!

Next game @ Rockets: Tuesday (7/5) at 11:30am.

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