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Detroit Pistons Free Agency

When discussing the Detroit Pistons, the glaring hole on their roster is in the backcourt. Reggie Jackson and Wayne Ellington are the only guards on the roster that average double digits in points, and even then, they don’t do this so efficiently. With such minimal scoring coming from the backcourt, it is no wonder Blake Griffin had to put the offence on his back (and his left knee) so much during the season.

Detroit has never had the greatest track record when acquiring talent which is exemplified by the main acquisition at the past trade deadline, that being… Thon Maker. Regardless of their poor free agency history, this offseason presents itself with a glaring opportunity that the Pistons can immediately pounce on.

Ricky Rubio

Utah have told Ricky Rubio that he is not a priority signing this coming offseason. This means Rubio will be looking to shop around for a new home.

Detroit have to sign someone competent to carry their backcourt this season and signing Rubio and pushing Reggie Jackson to the 2-spot would be a great move by them.

Rubio is an all-around package. His passing is still amongst the league’s elite, his defence is fantastic amongst guards (if you ignore his Harden tactics in the first round of the playoffs this year) and his shooting has steadily improved since his first few seasons (finally shooting above 40% from the field). Rubio provides Detroit with hope for their guards.

Wesley Matthews

If Rubio isn’t someone that Detroit goes after, another guard is the type of player that they desperately need.

One such option is Wesley Matthews. Matthews adds some veteran leadership, shooting and much needed toughness to the Pistons.

When the Pistons aren’t a tough team, they aren’t really the Pistons. Historically they have been the true grit and grind squad that sticks it to every team they come up against (sorry Memphis). Wesley Matthews provides them with a spark of this toughness, not to mention the 3-point shooting that they so desperately need.

Shooting just a touch underneath 40% from behind the arc last season, Matthews provides Detroit with some extra scoring from the backcourt while the front office can fully invest in getting Blake back to full health, something that will be very high on their priority list in this offseason.

Regardless of who they go after, Detroit will be in desperate need of some help for their backcourt. Detroit need to make a move otherwise they will dwell in mediocrity, the worst place to be in the NBA.

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