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The WestBeast and the Beard Re-unite!

Well the inevitable finally happened. Russell Westbrook has been traded but not where you would think…

Reports over the past week, ever since the Paul George bombshell, was that Russ was going to Miami or maybe Detroit.

BUT in a shocking turn of events, the WestBeast is teaming up once again with the Beard!

That’s right… Russell Westbrook is heading to the Houston Rockets!

As per ESPN and Woj himself:

As the Thunder continue to compile draft picks, the Houston got another superstar to make a run for the title.

With the West wide open for the first time in many years, this makes sense for the Rockets (the only team in the West to really challenge the Golden State Dynasty).

Westbrook as we know is a triple double machine, 22.9 points per game, 10.7 assists and 11.1 rebounds not to mention two steals last season. Whilst Westbrook has been shooting some of his lowest percentages last season, earning him the nickname: “Westbrick”, Westbrook is one of the greatest athletes in the NBA and is a huge improvement from the aging Chris Paul. Not to mention that he is an All-Star and former MVP.

Everyone knows how well Harden and Westbrook played together in OKC, but that was many moons ago. I think the Rockets are hoping to re-enact their previous success but questions still loom as to whether this pairing will work.

 The biggest question that needs to be answered is whether Harden and Westbrook, two ball dominant guards, are able to share the ball and work effectively together. If they do, we will have one of the scariest backcourts in recent history, two recent MVPs that are both triple double machines.

The West just got even scarier and the league got yet another Big Two.

As for Chris Paul, reports seem to suggest that it is unlikely that the 34-year-old point guard, with 3 years left of his $159 million contract, will not be staying in OKC this season.

He may be traded to the Miami Heat, but with one of the worst contracts in the league, OKC may have to sweeten the deal to shed his big contract. Paul is still a very solid player with 8.2 assists last season in limited games but with his injury struggles and age, Paul is going to be a concern for any team going forward.

The result of this trade: this offseason continues to be the most exciting and surprising in the history of the NBA!

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