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The Trap NBA Podcast

Welcome The Trap NBA Podcast!

We had a chat with the fellas from the podcast all about their NBA Podcast.

First things first, who are the geniuses behind the podcast?

Gianni Mico – NBA Fanatic

Lachlan Edwards – Host

Lamont Docker – The man behind the scenes    

Lewis Wels – NBA Guru

Vincent Mico – The Ideas man

Tell us a bit about the podcast?

We are a weekly podcast who love everything NBA. Each week we aim to give our listeners an authentic and fun experience, where we discuss hot topics around the league. Just like a good NBA team, we have top notch team chemistry, which delivers not only insightful opinions, but endless banter and laughs. Unlike NBA players, we are loyal to our fans and always strive to make a product which our listeners love and feel like they are a part of.

Who do you support in the NBA?

Gianni – Fan of the league

Lachlan – Phoenix Suns

Lamont – Orlando Magic

Lewis – Fan of the league

Vincent – Chicago Bulls

Describe the podcast in three words?


Your favourite moment from the 2018/2019 NBA Season?

Lewis – The Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship.

Lachy – Kyle Lowry winning a ring with the Toronto Raptors (Fairy Tales really do exist).

Lamont – When the Magic CLINCHED a playoff berth vs the Celtics.

Gianni – Kawhi Game winning shot vs Philadelphia in the Conference Semi Finals.  

Vincent – Game 5 of the NBA finals when Curry and Thompson TOOK OVER in the 4th.

Two Bold predictions for the 2019/2020 NBA season?

  • Jason Kidd becomes the Lakers head coach by the All-Star break.
  • Markelle Fultz win the Most Improved Player award with the Magic.
  • Phoenix Suns make the Playoffs (Lachy forced us to put this in).

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