2019/2020 NBA Season Team Preview Articles

Charlotte Hornets Season Preview

Charlotte fans, I’m sorry.

This season is going to suck. It is REALLY going to suck. 

After losing their top two scorers (Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lamb) and their main veteran (Tony Parker) on the roster, it looks like the Hornets are about to take a full nosedive.

When it was announced that Kemba was to become a Celtic, I was excited. For one, as a Celtics fan, I was overjoyed that the Celtics finally had someone at the Point Guard position who actually cares about fostering a positive winning environment. But I was also excited for Charlotte, more so for Malik Monk and Miles Bridges. 

These two wings still have a bright future in the league. Monk’s shooting ability and Bridges’ unreal athleticism will mean that there will always be room in the league for the two of them.

Then Terry Rozier made his way to Charlotte. Someone who I have always despised on the court. A black hole on offense and nothing more than an average defender, Charlotte really whiffed it when it came to this offseason.

2018-19 Regular Season Record: 39-43

2018-19 Regular Season Standing: 2nd in Southeast Division, 9th in Eastern Conference

2018-19 Playoff Result: N/A

Notable Additions: Terry Rozier, P.J. Washington

Notable Losses: Kemba Walker, Jeremy Lamb, Tony Parker, Frank Kaminsky

2019-20 Predicted Regular Season Record: 20-62

2019-20 Predicted Regular Season Standing: 5th in Southeast Division, 15th in Eastern Conference

2019-20 Predicted Playoff Result: N/A

Their Best Player

Their roster is truly a grim sight. Picking a best player is a very tough decision to make, and it really shouldn’t be.

Despite the stats, I refuse to give it to Scary Terry. 

Despite the experience, I refuse to give it to Nicolas Batum.

Monk and Bridges both haven’t played enough NBA ball to be bestowed the title of ‘Best Player’ on a roster and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist does not deserve to even be in the discussion. Do you go with Cody Zeller? No. Marvin Williams? Absolutely not. 

Charlotte are in such a bad position that I would not feel right calling anyone on their roster the best player.

Once again Charlotte fans, I’m sorry.

Their ‘Golden Nugget’ Player

Ever since he was drafted, I have loved Malik Monk’s game. 

Despite not starting a game yet for the Hornets, and after a stint in the G-League in his rookie year, I believe that he has the shooting potential to make a big splash in the league.

This year, however, is make or break for Malik. His third year in the league may map out how the rest of his career plays out. 

Players from the same draft class already seem to be miles ahead of him in terms of development and experience, but hopefully that will change for Monk when given (hopefully) the starting SG role this season. Many of his shot attempts will be eaten away at by Rozier, but Monk should be able to take advantage of his increased production.

Their Coach

After many stints as an assistant coach and even filling in as head coach for Orlando after Jacque Vaughn was fired during the 2014-15 season, James Borrego finally signed a contract and became an NBA head coach.

Borrego did a quite solid job in his lone season as head coach. Missing the playoffs by one game despite injuries and a serious lack of talent.

This season presents itself with another challenge for Borrego. Losing their All Star and leader in Kemba Walker, losing Tony Parker who provided experience and leadership to a very young roster and losing Jeremy Lamb who bailed Charlotte out many times during the season.

For Borrego, this season may be too much to handle for such a junior head coach. Good luck to him, he’ll need it.

Final Thoughts

Charlotte are no stranger to bad NBA teams.

Although there is no way that they can be worse than they were during the 2011-12 season, that does not mean that this team will be any less embarrassing for the Hornets front office. There is no one else to blame in Charlotte besides the front office, one of the most incompetent in the entire league. 

Looking over their roster, based on both talent and how the pieces fit together, I believe that Charlotte will be the worst team in the league. The worst part is that they have no clear direction for where they will go in the future. None of their young pieces are good enough to solely build around and this up-and-coming NBA draft does not look particularly strong.

Charlotte fans, maybe stick with college basketball this season.

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