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Biggest Upset: Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns A.K.A Steph Curry’s Injury

If it couldn’t get any worse for the struggling Golden State Warriors. It just did…

After a terrible opening week where the Warriors lost their first two games of the season in blowouts, things were starting to look up when Curry and Russell led the Warriors to a dominant win against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Curry and Russell were looking on top form, toying with the Pelicans, comfortably winning 134 – 123.

The Warriors were hoping to build off this win in their next match against the Suns, and things were looking up defensively as well with the return of Willie Cauley-Stein, albeit with limited minutes.

Disaster struck 3 and a half minutes into the third quarter, when Curry came down hard after colliding with Aron Baynes and Kelly Oubre midair in what is known as a “Fall On Out-Stretched Hand” injury, or FOOSH for short.

The impact of the hardwood probably initially fractured Curry’s hand and then unintentionally this was exacerbated by Baynes.

A Warriors comeback looked even less likely after this, and the Warriors eventually fell 121 – 110 to the Suns.

Even before Steph’s injury, the Warriors were down 47 – 14 at the start of the second quarter.

The Suns, with the help of Baynes, were comfortably leading the whole game.

There couldn’t have been a worse outcome for the Warriors, who are already hobbled by the injured Thompson.

With Stephen Curry, the Warriors were still a formidable team, supported by an all stat backcourt companion in D’Angelo Russell, and Draymond Green still healthy in the frontcourt.

But without Curry’s MVP scoring, the Warriors will have to rely more on Russell (when healthy) and their dwindling bench.

One of the positives that the Warriors can take from this game is that their rookie Eric Paschall is performing well, averaging 13 points per game on 63% shooting.

More minutes would benefit Paschall greatly and would accelerate his maturity within the league, hopefully allowing him to step up to big moments more often.

Curry quickly underwent surgery for his second metacarpal on his left hand, putting him out of action for at least three months.

If the Warriors can keep positive, they can hemorrhage some of the potential losses against the scores of teams, vying for their spot on top of the West.

However, this is still the Golden State Warriors, and a wounded tiger is a dangerous beast.

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