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David Fizdale was set up to fail as head coach

After a 4-18 start and the second worst record in the league, the New York Knicks fired David Fizdale and one of his assistants Keith Smart. With the team on pace to their worst season in franchise history and two straight blowout losses, the announcement was inevitable and no surprise to the Knicks fan or many throughout the NBA.

After only a season and a half in charge, Fizdale will still be paid the remainder of his four-year $22 million contract despite his firing. Although he is not solely to blame for this terrible season, the team and it’s now ex-coach were doomed before the season even began.

Following what was one of the most catastrophic off-season’s in recent memory, with the front office seemingly missing out on a number of high profile free agency targets, the Knicks front office decided to fill their roster with a number of power forwards and small time role players as a substitute for any meaningful signings. This roster never had a chance to succeed and added to the ever-present dysfunction surrounding the Knicks front office.

Time after time the coaching staff of major professional sports franchises are blamed for everything going wrong, without considering the decisions that are made for them. It is hard to imagine even some of the best coaches in the NBA being able to design a plan to combine the mismatch of talent on this current Knicks’ roster.

Fizdale accepted a challenge nobody could’ve succeeded in and is probably lucky to be out of a job and out of the Knicks organisation.

Mike Miller will take on the role of interim head coach for the time being.

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