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Zion…Welcome to the NBA

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Zion has entered the building.

From falling asleep on the bench to emphatic warm up dunks, the NBA world has been on the edge of their collective seats waiting for Zion to make his NBA debut.

Today Zion Williamson finally made that long awaited debut today and… it was nearly everything we could have wanted.

To clarify that statement, it should be noted that Zion was exceedingly average in the first three quarters against the San Antonio Spurs today. He played around 10 minutes and had five points and a few rebounds. At this point everyone was disappointed, a rather boring debut for one of the most hyped NBA players in recent history.

 But then the fourth quarter came along, and Zion exploded.

He scored 17 straight points, including 4 made threes to keep the Pelicans in the ball game against the Spurs. Whilst we still are waiting for a HUGE Zion dunk, Zion did not disappoint in his first game, despite the Pelicans losing a close game to the Spurs.

Zion finished the game with 22 points off 8/11 shooting (100% from three), seven rebounds and three assists. Whilst Zion had five turnovers, this was a relatively good start to his NBA career.


Once settled, Zion will be a force to be reckoned with. He was kept quiet against a decent Spurs team for most of his debut but showed that he can be explosive on the offensive board and hit the three if needed. If his 17 point run is anything to go by, then yes, the hype for Zion was worth it…

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