What is the Best Jersey of All Time?

Alongside the ability to rep your favourite player or team’s threads, a huge part of the attraction towards NBA jerseys has been their creative and eye-catching designs.

The biggest and most well-known franchises have always rocked their classic designs, never straying far from their original jerseys. Boston, New York, Chicago and the Lakers are all prime examples of this – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But for many of the other franchises, their jerseys provide their teams with the ability to stand out from the rest.

The NBA ‘City’ Edition jerseys have been as good as they have been bad. From the Atlanta ‘Peachtree’ design to the Maverick’s word art-like graffiti design.

This got us wondering, what is the best jersey of all time?

Harry Rutner

Vancouver Grizzlies (1995-2001)

Before I start, I want to give some honourable jersey mentions to: The Utah Jazz purple road uniform of the Stockton and Malone era in the late 90s, the Denver Nuggets mutli coloured uniforms and the first ever Raptor purple 1995 uniforms.

But really for me it came down to two Jerseys, a throwback and current jersey, both are bright blue, have fantastic font and are just visionally captivating….

The current jersey is the Miami Vice jersey. With white writing, pink undertones and a whole lot of neon blue, it is a party on the court and sums up the Miami night scene. It’s simple but works oh so well.

The throwback jersey is the teal Vancouver Grizzlies jersey from 1995-2001. Pretty much the same colour scheme as the Vice jersey’s BUT the font hits you in the face like a windmill, the logo of that intense Grizzlie gives you chills and the symbols on the edges make you feel like you’re at some type of basketball throwdown party. This jersey has it all.

While the Vancouver Grizzlies were a truly terrible team, they did one thing right with the best jersey that I have seen…

James Aloi

The best NBA jerseys must stand the test of time, and that’s why I’ve gone with the obvious ones:

Denver Nuggets (1982-1993)
Utah Jazz (1996-2004)
Vancouver Grizzlies (1995-2001)

These are indisputably the best and most popular throwback jerseys in existence. You ask any NBA fan and they’ll immediately choose one of these 3 as their favourite throwbacks. Pick any casual NBA fan and they’ll recognise these jerseys. Pick any single person and they will choose these as the best looking ones out of every jersey ever made.

Want another reason as to why they’re the best? They’ve been remade and redesigned for this season by each team! Ja Morant is making that baby blue absolutely POP, Donovan Mitchell looks super smooth is those purple uni’s, and the Nuggets redesign is so damn fresh and clean. Probably my favourite jersey this year, they’ve done such a good job with it.

If I had endless amounts of money, I’d have all 3 of these.

As a personal favourite, I have to go with the Wolve’s neon lime-green statement jerseys. It was an instant purchase for me, it’s by far my favourite colour, and now I wear it with Towns on my back at least once a week.

Tomas Kuru

Minnesota Timberwolves (1996-1998)

Come on, how is this not the coolest jersey?

The stylish all black away design with the green trees trim and glyph white text evokes imagery of a wolf emerging from a dark forest. If that design doesn’t perfectly represent the Garnett era Timberwolves I don’t know what does. Thrashing his teeth as he battles with the toughest players of the era, the Wolves were a terrifying sight to behold in KG’s MVP season.

The white home version also features similarly strong imagery. The dark forest of the black jersey now changes to a white snowscape. At home, the wolves roamed their territory in the open, but on the road, they emerged from the dark to strike fear into their adversaries.

This is a jersey that the wolves should seriously consider throwing back into the regular rotation. The current Timberwolves could use a little wolf-like ferocity.

Tom Ballhausen

Personally, I have too many favourite NBA jerseys.

Denver’s ‘Rainbow Skyline’, Phoenix’s 1992-2000 jersey and Chicago’s infamous ‘Blackout’ jerseys (despite the bad luck attached to them) all provided the eventual winner with some stiff competition.

Toronto Raptors (1995-1998)

What’s not to like?

The velociraptor on the front surrounded by a deep purple is something of beauty.

It represented an up-and-coming franchise struggling to make an impact on the court with their play – but their aesthetic value was definitely not felt lightly.

Rocking these with Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady’s name stretching the back makes it all the more cooler.

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