Calling Bank’s Hot Takes

The hot take. It’s what keeps the NBA interesting.

Are we sure Marcus Morris is good for the Clippers? Will Denver really make it out of the first round? Is Kyrie Irving a poor man’s Lou Will? (hint: yes).

Hot takes are so outrageous that they get us thinking. They make us question our most tightly held beliefs because we’ve never heard an opinion that contradicts it.

The Calling Bank crew got together and put in our spiciest takes for the 2019-20 season.

James Aloi – The Wolves will be a .500 team at the end of the season.

Minnesota have 29 games left in the season. With a revitalised KAT and newly traded former All-Star D’Angelo Russell, I don’t think it’s too far-fetched for the Wolves to go 25-4 now that they have basically a full new roster and a whole bunch of exciting players who will be chomping at the bit to play well and win games for a franchise that had fallen into very tough times.

Russell and KAT will quickly become one of the deadliest duos in the NBA. Best friends…the first two picks in the 2015 NBA Draft…a pairing that was spoken into existence. Boy oh boy, the Timberwolves just became one of the most intriguing teams in the league.

Harry Rutner – Houston small ball actually works

You heard it hear first, the Rockets are going to the NBA Finals.

Personally, I’m not happy with this take but my goodness it is spicy.

Rockets have employed a small ball lineup, with most of their team 6’5 or under. They got rid of Capela to make this dream come true.

In their new shorter team, Harden takes the tip off jump ball, Eric Gordon has a stint at centre. Everything is crazy in Houston.


Small ball seems to be working for the Rockets. They beat the Lakers with no centre and Robert Covington seems to have been the perfect piece to add to this team. Russ is dominating in the paint and even with Harden quiet at times, the team has won five games and counting with their small ball lineup.

This is a very small sample size and most of the teams they have beaten are below .500 but if small ball continues to place five players beyond the arc, all of which are knocking down threes, Russ and Harden are going to be able to continue to drive freely to the paint and this crazy experiment could actually work.

The switch everything defence also seems to be working for now, especially with the addition of Covington who in his first game for the Rockets had a HUGE defensive impact.

D’Antoni was able to sell this coaching experiment with a statement win in LA who have both LeBron and AD, not to mention McGee and Howard, so who is to say they can’t repeat their success against the likes of: Embiid, Jokic and most importantly Giannis…

If they continue to shoot the three above 40% and take less mid range jumpers, this crazy cooked up style of play will get them to the finals…

Tom Ballhausen – Giannis will end the season being the second unanimous MVP in NBA history

As it sits, Milwaukee have the best record in the league with 46-8.

They sit 6.5 games ahead of Toronto in second place, meaning they have all but locked up the all-important first seed in the East.

They also have the best player in the NBA having his best personal season since being in the league. He has actually put up better stats than his MVP season last year whilst only playing 30 minutes a game.

The dude is absurd.

When you look at the Bucks’ roster, it is built for him to succeed. A LeBron-esque style team that surrounds Giannis with shooters which gives him all the space in the world to torture opposing defences.

Oh yeah, his team is gonna win 70 games this season as well.

Giannis has led the MVP race from opening night, and the fact that James Harden is averaging 35 points a game on a contending team in the West and isn’t even considered a threat to Giannis in this award race is a testament to how dominant and special Giannis has played all season.

We are only witnessing the beginning.

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