The Team

James Seymour – Writer/ Coast to Coast Podcast

Writer of words and lover of shoot first combo guards. James co-founded Coast to Coast: A Basketball Podcast and now writes for The Jumper Network. He’s been a Cavs fan for 20 years, so you’ll have to bear with him over Collin Sexton.

Instagram: @_jamesseymour

Podcast IG: @coasttocoast_podcast

Tom Ballhausen – Writer

A basketball traditionalist and a Jared Sullinger apologist, Tom is a Celtics fan and loves all pro-Luka content. Brand new to the writing scene, he is keen to show his appreciation of the low post big man and classic 90’s jerseys.

Instagram: @tom_ballhausen

Twitter: @TBallhausen

Louis Hood – Writer

By far the worst handles of the Jumper Network team but makes up for it by throwing elbows in the paint, espousing the virtues of the shorter basketball shorts and reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ of Lob City. A sucker for a spicy trade rumour and Australians dominating the NBA.

Instagram: @Longboihood

Twitter: @longboihood

Tomas Kuru – Writer

An almost-graduated journalism student with a guilty pleasure for ISO plays and one on ones, Tomas is passionate about the great game of basketball. His favourite team is the Oklahoma City Thunder and believes that Kiwis do in fact fly.

Twitter: @tomasdotbiz


Jake Pinskier – Writer

A Video Producer by trade and a Lego Master by pretending. Lactose intolerant, but will indulge a cheeky slice or four of cheesecake while ranting about the Ball Family.

Lakers or bust!

Istagram: @jakepins

Twitter: @pinsypansy

James Aloi – Writer

A lover of stats and bold predictions, James travelled to the US just for the NBA, saw 10 games in 30 days and watched the Knicks go 0-4 by an average of 20 points. He is a long-suffering Timberwolves fan, and his opinions will rival that of Colin Cowherd.

Insta: @jaloi22
Twitter: @J_Aloi

Michael Eaton

A lover of all things basketball, Michael is a die-hard Buck’s fan and a Giannis-stan. He also thinks that Westbrook deserved the MVP – change his mind. As a treat, likes to unwind and indulge in the occasional Stephen A. Smith rant. 

Joshua Carroll – Writer and Podcaster

A passionate and loyal Clippers fan, Josh is an up and coming writer from Hong Kong with a key interest in basketball analytics. His love for the game stretches to all form’s of basketball, whether that is College, NBL or even European leagues. You will find him talking non-stop about how no team will be able to stop the Clippers this season.

William Yavits – Podcast

The soothing host of Calling Bank Podcast, Will is a Portland Blazers fan. The only time he needs is DameTime!

Isaac Farrell – Writer

He’s a mathematician with a love for basketball and the evolution of the stats-driven league. Isaac is a die-hard Rockets fan who’s new to writing and isn’t afraid to make a bold statement.

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